Stark Family Fall 2009 Grey's Lake, IA

Stark Family Fall 2009 Grey's Lake, IA
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Disney World November 2014

I started this post a year ago. A lot has happened since then. Getting pregnant, losing a Father/Grandfather, having a baby, and now an impending move back to Iowa.
 The memories are precious. This trip, with our whole family, was meant to be. A gift. A blessing. 

November 2014
 Our trip began with the kids riding on a plane for the first time. They were the perfect age. They carried their backpacks and followed right behind John in a single file line. Security was breeze as well. No shoes had to come off!


 Riding on the tram at the Orlando airport. Things were getting crazy!

Disney Land sign!!!

Here we go, day 1. Magic Kingdom.

To get to MK you have to ride on a ferry or take the monorail. We opted for the ferry. What a treat! As you near MK the castle looms in the distance. You start to feel excited and then it hits you that you are here. At Disney World. A dream come true. Wow, so special!

When I was a kid and thought about Disney World, it was a far off dream. I always new I would never be able to go. It did not bother me. I was ok with that. As we neared MK, I got butterflies. Upon entering it did not disappoint. Everywhere you look, colors, people, decorations and music hit your senses. What feelings!

Selfie on the ferry to MK!

All ready for Christmas! David does a nice photo bomb. :)

Ready to explore!

It's a Small World. First ride. This has become one of my favorite pictures. Nice that Mary and Terry are waving. Joe and Emma are not pictured. They were sitting by my Mom. I know Emma was telling Joe, it's not a small world, but a big big world! The song drove her nuts. :) You have to ride this ride, it's a classic. 
 We all got on the same boat!

 We came upon Captain Jack and his friends. Evan raised his hand high when they asked for volunteers. Captain Jack needed help to defeat Blackbeard. Evan swung his sword and was supposed to say "take that Blackbeard" but instead Evan said "take that Redbeard!" Captain Jack just laughed. It was great! 

 The first princess Emma met was Ariel. You twist and wind down into her grotto. Emma was very chill. When we walked away I started to cry like a baby. Not going to lie. So cool to meet a princess. I still get tears thinking about it.

Thunder Mountain was a hit. I think Ean's favorite ride. Ean is our most cautious child. But he got the bug for riding rides at Disney World! He kept up with all of us and rode every ride we did.

 Mickey Mouse is one cool dude. His voice was perfect and his eyes and mouth moved. Incredible. John even said, with a huge smile on his face, Mickey was cool.

 Not sure what was happening here!

 The Ice Castle at night. This was after Elsa lit it with song and fireworks. What a sight to behold. Tears where in my eyes again.

 Rapunzel and Cinderella were a treat. Both Grandma's were with Emma and I for all three princess'. It was just what I had prayed and dreamed for. The trip was complete for me at this point. Rapunzel was spunky and told Emma she has long hair too. Emma got to feel a touch her hair. She said it felt funny.

Emma asked to see Cinderella's shoes. So she gave her a peek. ;)
Cinderella even talked to the boys about how they need to be brave. Ready to protect Emma and be her Prince.
Evan just stared and shook his head yes. 

The lighted parades are a must see. So beautiful!

Day #2 we went to Epcot.
Test Track, Soarin, Mission Space and Turtle Talk with Crush are awesome.
Mission Space almost made me sick, but super cool. Emma got to talk to Crush. Interactive characters on a big screen are really fun. Very cool use of technology and acting. 

Day #3 at Hollywood Studios.
The Tower of Terror was awesome. We got to ride twice in a row! 

Toy Story Ride. We had to wait in line, but you got to look at a lot while waiting!
Mr. Potato Head was so cool to watch.

Toy Soldiers popped up unexpectedly!

Day #3. Universal Studios.

These guys would not hold still for a picture!

Day #4. Magic Kingdom again.

Tinkerbell! She was a favorite of mine. I almost started crying when we entered her home. Pixihollow was perfect!

The kids were so good that we decided that they could each pick out a gift. Evan's face lit up when we told them. Ean chose a pin from Thunder Mountain. Evan wanted Mickey Mouse with a cape. We had to go looking for Fantasia Mickey. Emma chose Bell Minnie Mouse. 
During the lighted parade that night, Evan was on John's shoulders, he waved his Mickey's hand at Mickey when he went by on his float. It was so special to watch my nine year old son get into the magic. To believe and just be a kid. It really is the happiest place on earth. 

Day #5. Animal Kingdom.
The Lion King show was incredible. The voices and music were fantastic! Evan got to roar like a lion!

I am very thankful for my Mother In Law. She put the trip together for everyone. I could not have done it! I am also thankful for my sister, Judy, who got my family all the tickets and fastpass' they needed. Our trip ran smooth because of them!

Memories keep coming back today. Here is one more.
 The magic backpack. Grandpa Stark carried a backpack filled with treats. Several times while waiting, he would pull out Oreo's, M&M's and other things. Kind of like Mary Poppins magic carpet bag. This I will NEVER forget. A treasured funny memory. John came home with it this summer, the kids yelled, the magic backpack!

 This blog is just a little bit of our trip. I am not a blogger as you can tell. ;)
I just grabbed pictures from my phone and Facebook. It was easy. 
Hope you enjoyed!

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